A la Carte Services and Supplies

Did you know that you can request services a la cart? Some clients do not want to undergo a full, complicated physical therapy regimen, but are only interested in one specific treatment. It is possible to come in for just such services as long as you are not billing insurance. Keep in mind that we do still have to follow state laws governing physical therapy practices, so there will be a minimum of additional services such as an initial assessment, periodic progress assessments, etcetera.

Some available a la cart services include:

  • Dry Needling is $40 per session
  • Ice Massage is $7 per application
  • Paraffin is $13 per session
  • Iontophoresis is $31 for the initial application
  • Phonophoresis is $15 per application
  • Kinesiology Taping is $40 for the initial application
  • Instructing Family Members is $41 per session

You can also purchase some supplies here. Prices vary:

  • Rock Tape is charged by the foot
  • Tubigrip and Theraband are charged by the yard
  • Electrodes are charged by the 4-pack
  • Ice Cups are charged by the cup

If you need help ordering supplies or therapeutic devices, talk to our staff about how they can help. (208)321-7831.