The Clinic

The Myofascial Release Center of Idaho was founded in 2003 to provide the community with a high quality of care through physical therapy, myofascial release, and massage therapy. In our 10 years of service, our growth has allowed us to expand in order to provide a more comprehensive and inclusive level of care.  As of December of 2013, we now operate under the name ‘The Myofascial Release Center’, having dropped ‘of Idaho’ to underscore our more modern offerings and environment. You may also hear us referred to as ’62 Degrees Physical Therapy’.  This is the name of our parent company.
Our expanded services will continue to include myofascial release, but will also include traditional physical therapy, health and wellness, and health maintenance services. Our new name reflects our future while preserving our past. Our current clinic is conveniently located and the increased size has allowed us to add more equipment and staff.