Subject: Dramatic Reduction of Pain
Author of this communication is Clifford E. Quarles

I will soon be entering the New 2019 year in which I will reach my 83rd birthday and am enjoying a life with greatly reduced pain and with no other significant health issues.

After graduation from the Academy, I spent nine years of active duty in the Navy and achieved my goal of becoming a ship captain and then left this position to enter the business world retiring as a senior vice president of our country’s second largest investment banking firm.

However, in my retirement, and returning to the Boise area where I was raised, I was soon awakened with lower back pain which increased to the point of changing my much appreciated good life with my wife, who I met as a naval officer and married 57 years ago.

After ending an unsuccessful physical therapy routine at the VA, my primary care physician directed me to a surgeon who, after several tests, installed titanium rods and braces in my back which reduced the pain for about 3 years. This, thankfully, allowed me to again enjoy my retirement. However, the back pain then began to slowly return to a debilitating level. At this point, my primary care doctor then directed me to a prominent pain specialist with whom I unfortunately received no relief and was then directed to two other pain specialists with whom. after extended treatments, I again received no relief. In this process, one of the specialists recommended the surgical installation of a device into my body which may have provided relief. However, after much thought and research, I stepped away from this procedure. Without receiving any successful treatments, the fourth pain specialist directed me to a another physical therapist which, at the outset, seemed to be a disappointing recommendation.

However, after just a few treatments at Myofascial Release Center, at 62* Physical Therapy, which is owned and managed by Katrin Moffet, PT, DPT,CWS,FACCWS, I began to feel relief from my longstanding debilitating lower back pain. I was truly amazed that this new type of therapy was giving me my life back! The treatments there have continued to be effective and the period between appointments has also continued to be lengthened. After such a long period of high pain, I am at last having my desired lifestyle activities returned and am most grateful for the work of my therapist, Mrs. Valerie Leavitt, PTA, LMT.

I have continued to keep, in my files, the records of all those specialists and physicians that I have previously met and have treated me.