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My therapists used an innovative combination of techniques and achieved a level of pain relief I have not experienced with any other therapy in four years. Outstanding results!

I was in the (clinic) the other day for (myofascial release). The release was just unbelievable. Talking and doing the evaluation sheet, I was just "ache, ache, ache," and "pain, pain, pain." You know, when I got off that table it was just amazing, like she just sucked every pain out of my back and shoulders and neck. I just wanted to tell you guys that I was totally, totally pleased with the treatment and the service. I can't wait to come back.

I started coming here for treatments for migraine headaches. The front office staff are very friendly and accommodating. The atmosphere is somewhere between a spa and a physical therapy place. Valarie is my go to for treatments, and she is amazing! With her experience as a massage therapist and now being a PTA, she has magic hands! She is a good conversationalist and creates a very relaxing and healing environment. I look forward to my appointments!

A friend of mine set out a program of "Myofascial Release Therapy" (which didn't mean a lot to me!). Let me just say this is not your typical health spa massage! You probably know all about the approach utilized in this treatment, but let me just say it is really helping me! I worked with my therapist and her colleagues for about a month and have had about 6-7 sessions, including some "traction" treatments and some electrical stimulation treatments. This approach is really working form me and I wanted to share my success with you. In the previous 10 years, I had explored perhaps every alternative to achieving a healthy back, however I had not been exposed to the Myofascial approach.

Thank you for all your help....I really like my new back, and I am optimistic that I will overcome this recent setback and regain the quality of life I became accustomed to following back surgery.

Happy Valentine's Day Carmen

I am wishing you a very happy day! I so appreciate all you are doing for me. I am learning so much from you! You are a very capable therapist and a very kind person.

My skin is very fragile and I have had four wounds to my lower legs that have required professional treatment in order to heal. In the past, I went to another local wound care clinic and I did not receive the level of individualized care I received at the Myofascial Center.

During the ten weeks I went the the Center, Katrin Hurley Moffett and her staff were always professional and caring. From the time I check in until the treatment session was finished, every person was attentive to my needs. I feel the treatment I received was excellent and I healed very fast because of it.

Thank you so much for all you did for me.

Jerrie Van Houten
62 Degrees Physical Therapy saved my life! When I burned my right arm and hand with wax, it was a total mess. My right hand swelled up to over twice its size. The staff at Primary Health immediately sent me to see Katrin. My hand healed so well that you almost can't tell that I burned it.