Wellness at 62 Degrees – Randy

Have you met Randy? Randy is a 56 year old gentleman, who’s weight rated him in the level II obesity category. He came to us in 2014 with a directive from his physician: lose at least 50# or you will die (this after several attempts to speak more gently).

Randy, before attending our fitness program.
Randy, before attending our fitness program.

After a year in our hands, following months of diet and exercise counseling, Randy is now, proudly, 70# lighter. With his new physique, he had to reduce his pants sizes 3 times. His beloved Seattle Seahawks Jacket fits two people but he still wears it with pride. Medical benefits include better controlled blood pressure, less pain, and lowered cholesterol.

randy after 2

Randy remains very focused on maintaining his new physique. You can find him 2-5 days a week exercising in the gym or just visiting for dietary advice or another pat on the back for a job well done. He is one of our greatest accomplishments.

randy after

Randy’s sister works with us and can often be found expounding on Randy’s accomplishments or hailing us as the next best thing in weight loss or weight management. You see, Randy is developmentally delayed. He required that extra touch to ensure he understood our instructions and didn’t get too frustrated with the homework.

If you happen to meet Randy, give him a big pat on the back and tell him how good he looks.