What We Do


Myofascial Release: a whole-body “hands on” approach to the evaluation and treatment of the human structure. The therapist is trained to evaluate and treat the fascial system through observation and palpation. See the Myofascial Release Tab under this heading for more details.  Most sessions are completed in private treatment rooms, but some are done in the gym between exercise sessions. The location mostly depends on convenience and the location on the body that needs to be treated.  Here are some of our treatment tables located in the gym. Also visible are a fraction of the multitude of therapy balls we have on hand for balance re-education, core strengthening, and self-MFR.


Traditional Physical Therapy: At the Myofascial Release Center we offer a full complement of physical therapy services, including traditional physical therapy. Please see the Physical Therapy tab under this heading for more detailed information.  Most regular PT sessions take place in the gym, using the tables for our assessments and hands on exercises and the exercise equipment, as appropriate for carrying out the prescribed program.  We utilize both traditional and non-traditional exercise equipment in our gym. Here is a look at some of our current gym equipment. We upgrade and add on regularly, so stay tuned.

Lymphedema Care: We have one therapist who is clinically certified to provide lymphedema care and training. This may include manual lymph drainage, measuring for compression garments, and referrals to ancillary care personnel.


Wound Care and Management: We are equipped to manage a variety of wounds from burns to traumatic and surgical wounds. We have one certified specialist on staff and several trained staff.  All wounds are seen in the wound room to offer more privacy and maintain easy access to the necessary supplies. Sometimes, with more complicated wounds, we will have two staff members in the room during the session.  Here you see the basic set up of the wound room. Expect to see upgrades in the near future. See the Wound Care tab under this heading for more information.


Health and Wellness Services: We offer several health and wellness programs, including one-on-one education for your specific concerns, exercise classes, smoking and overeating cessation, self care skills for high risk populations, and many more.  This is another view of our gym, showing the high and low tables as well as a myriad of therapy balls that we use for a variety of reasons, including core training and self-MFR.  For more information on our health and wellness programs, please see the Wellness tab for this section.


Ergonomic Assessments: We are offering ergonomic assessments for the home office and in the corporate climate. Please see the tab for Ergonomics for more details on setting up an assessment. Ataraxis employees and their co-employees all receive a discount for this service.

Dry Needling: We currently have one practitioner who i trained in dry needling.  Currently, this is a service that few insurance companies reimburse.  However, it is becoming more accepted and we expect to have better reimbursement within the next 5 years.