Physical Therapy

At the Myofascial Release Center we offer a full complement of physical therapy services. We utilize both traditional and non-traditional exercise equipment in our gym. Our staff maintains currency in the field through continuing education in Myofascial release as well as other specialty and traditional areas of physical therapy. All staff are encouraged to stay abreast of physical therapy trends through active membership in our national and local physical therapy organizations.
We do not offer traditional massage therapy sessions, though we may incorporate massage into our manual therapy. Other manual therapy techniques include myofascial release, rolfing, acupressure, body work, cranio-sacral therapy, joint mobilization, joint manipulation, muscle energy, and traction. We continue to train in a variety of manual therapy methods to further enhance our practice.

What we can do for you:

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1. Specializing in chronic pain, we see many patients with autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia or other chronic pain conditions such as migraines, over use injuries, low back pain, neck and shoulder issues. We have 3 private treatment rooms reserved for patients receiving myofascial release (MFR). They are designed specifically with comfort and warmth in mind, as these are essential for a successful session. Most MFR sessions last 60 minutes, though, under certain circumstances, a 90 minute session may be warranted. For more information about myofascial release, please refer to the myofascial release tab.

2. Having trained at reputable and well recognized physical therapy and physical therapist assistant schools, we are all skilled at treating post surgery recovery and rehabilitation patients, including total joint patients, arthroscopy patients, back surgery patients, and many more. We have a fully outfitted rehab gym with a variety of equipment for the more and less able bodied person. We incorporate resistance bands, yoga balls, and kinesiology taping to many home programs.


3. Danielle specializes in lymphedema management. She sees patients with post-mastectomy, congestive heart failure, cellulitis, and many other lymphedema causing disorders. We have reserved one of the private rooms for Danielle’s lymphedema sessions. Her sessions tend to vary greatly in length depending on the body part being treated and the phase of treatment the patient is in. When making your appointment, be sure to set aside plenty of time as it is not unusual for the first session to be 90 minutes or more.


4. Katrin specializes in wound care and integrated dry needling (IDN).

She is a certified wound care specialist and has experience with major and minor burns, non-healing surgical wounds, animal bites and scratches, infected wounds, wound vacs, and more. We have a room dedicated to wound care services with all the necessary supplies available within reach of the practitioner.

Katrin’s experience in IDN has centered on treating chronic pain, as that is the focus of our clinic. This technique employs tools similar to those used in acupuncture. Her IDN supplies are conveniently kept on a cart that travels to your regular treatment room when needed.


5. Our wellness program offers exercise classes led by PTs and PTAs to ensure the safety of the clients participating. Many of our exercise patients are patients who graduated from or are still coming as patients, and have precautions or special needs when it comes to exercise prescription. Most wellness classes/sessions will take place in either our yoga room or the rehab gym.

We also offer wellness counseling and classes. This includes nutrition counseling for weight loss, diabetes, or heart disease, self care counseling for patients who find themselves living under a new and unfamiliar diagnosis, and exercise counseling for patients who wish to exercise elsewhere. Our wellness classes vary depending on the need and available instructor. Call or check in for the next available class. We are scheduled to provide caregiver training for chronic pain patients soon through community education.